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roof needs repair
Wind Storm Blow-Offs
Wind Storm Blow-Offs
Moss/Debris Build Up
Curling/Buckling Shingles
Wind Storm Blow-Offs




Ontario residents experience various weather conditions through the year that can be hazardous to your home and business, from hot humid summers, extreme wind and rain to harsh winters. It is important for home and business owners to be aware of indications and warning signs that your roof may be in need of repair or replacement.

Missing, Broken or Damaged Shingles
Water Damage, Stains,  Discoloration and Leaks in Home
Shingles Curling, Buckling, Bubbling or Clawing
Moss Growth or Algae Growth 
Compromised Chimney Flashing
Weakened or Moisture Exposed Roof Boards
Missing Granules and Bare Spots
Damaged Valley, Vents, Chimney
Heat or Cool Air Loss from Home

These are just a few signs your roof may be in need of replacement. Keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections can ensure for a sturdy roof over your head!

                                                   Browse our Homeowner Maintenance Tips Below

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Various Weather Conditions, Age and Normal Wear can cause shingles to: Lift, Buckle, Bubble, Curl and may even blow off your home. Here are a few tips that homeowners can follow to ensure longevity and durability of your home.

*Inspect Home For: Missing Shingles, Blown-Off Material and Built Up Debris.
*Replace Loose/Missing Shingles as soon as possible.               This will prevent from water damage and                              additional wear to your roof boards.
*Caulk exposed area(s) around vents, chimneys, ext. and ensure nails are not exposed. 
*Monitor signs of water damage or discoloration on walls inside home. Ensure area inspected thoroughly for leaks and mold while ensuring to have issue properly addressed.
              If you are unable to inspect your home
          safely, be sure to contact a professional for                                                   assistance .

Licensed, Certified and Qualified!

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We ensure all of our customers are satisfied with the work provided and only use quality products to ensure for longevity, appearance and durability.

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